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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Single, Black, And Lookin' Fo Love

I'm a single, professional, black, male, short hair. People say that my hazel eyes are piercing. I like chasing cell phone charger cords to stay in shape and lounging by the window to relax after a hard day.

My front paws have been de-clawed so you won't feel any scratches when we cuddle in a basket of freshly laundered clothes. I like to get frisky late at night and I sometimes dabble recreationally in catnip. It's not a habit, but I do like to party ladies.

Oh, and I have been neutered so we can play all night and never have to worry about those unexpected litters. Some of my human peeves are getting sprayed with water and vacuums. Why the hell do those things make so much noise anyway? It freaks me out.

I like to take long and frequent naps throughout the day to keep stress low. I'm open to dating all breeds and hair length, but no fat cats please. You must like Animal Planet TV, window ledges and finding new places to lounge and just chill.

So, if you think you are up for sniffing posteriors, shoot me a cat mail so we can meet up for a cup of milk.


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