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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Local Band Hits the Big Time

ARLINGTON, VA: The local rock band Faster Pussycat as they are collectively known just signed with Fur Ball Records for a 4 record deal. The band’s 3 members are Sid Kitty heading up lead vocals and guitar, Little Flea on bass and Ring Worms on drums.

However, just as the trio was poised to break into the big time, band tensions threatened to tear them apart. In a recent VH1 special “Behind the Meowsic” the band members reveal how Sid Kitty’s catnip addiction nearly cost him his life one night on the road.

Little Flea’s ego was also out of control as he attempted several times to take over the band and kick Sid Kitty out. Little Flea had 2 solo albums during the hiatus that never found an audience. Meanwhile Ring Worms was on his own downward spiral as he lost all his money at craps and turned to the inside of a milk bottle to drown his troubles.

The band was able to pull themselves back from the brink of disaster with the help of band producer Dave Calico. “I just got all the band members out to my recording studio out here in the Arizona desert to get away from all the negative influences. After a month of licking their wounds from the road they were ready to start recording again” noted Calico.

“Now we’re back on top of laundry pile so to speak thanks to Dave and the rest of the band” said Sid Kitty. Look for the release of Faster Pussycat’s new album next month titled “Reigning Cats and Dogs”.


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