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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Screen Test Met With Controversey

With Marley’s career on the upswing, he recently performed a screen test to become the new MGM Lion in future movie opening credits.

As of the date this article was published, Marley’s agent still has not heard back if he got the part. Marley’s agent noted “I’m disappointed we still have not heard back from MGM by now. I bet if he was a fluffy white cat we would have already heard that he got the part. I’m afraid this is yet another blatant case of discrimination against black cats.”

Marley’s agent went on to say that “We’ve already contacted the reverends Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton concerning this, and they have promised their support. The Black Panthers have been with us from the start on this issue and are organizing a boycott of MGM as we speak.”

MGM spokesman Ben Weinstein issued a general statement regarding Marley’s screen test saying that “All screen tests are evaluated based on merit and not on fur color.” He could not be reached for further comment.


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