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Friday, September 15, 2006

Supercat Gives Cousin Flying ‘Lesson’

RESTON, VA: Clark Cat was in his kitchen with his cousin Marty when the topic of cat flight came up. It was then that Clark piped up and pronounced that he was in fact Supercat in disguise. Marty was having none of Clark’s hair-brained claims of supercat prowess and demanded proof of his flight skills. Clark said to Marty “The usual bet?” Marty concurred.

Clark without missing a beat leapt forward into the air with paws stretched forward shouting “See! This is how you fly bitch! You believe me now?”

Marty, flabbergasted at what he just witnessed hung his head. Marty now knew that he had to pay up on the longstanding bet they kept between each other. It was then that Marty asked “Okay, okay…so you can fly. But, do I have to?”

Clark retorted right back “Yep!”

Marty then did what he swore he would never do. He climbed into the toilet and waited for Clark to take his picture.

After paying back his bet Clark stated “It was a humiliating lesson, but I swear I’m getting’ that pussy back.”


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