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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Females Complain About Couch Potato Spouses

DUNDALK, MD: The Dundalk Female Feline Group (DFFG) states that the number one complaint of all the female members is that their spouses have turned into couch potatoes.

One member who wished not to be identified stated that “All that fat cat does is sit around all day, drink beer and watch Animal Planet on TV. It’s sickening.”

In a recent Johns Hopkins study, doctors found that feline male spouses pack on 3 to 5 pounds after just 2 years of marriage and show less interest in their wives and a consuming interest in TV.

Another DFFG member, Carol Kitty stated that “Not only does my husband never leave the couch; he’s become surly and apathetic. I swear he’d be perfectly content to never leave the couch and marry the TV. I’m ready to leave his lazy ass!”

Dr. Meowington who helped author the Johns Hopkins study stated that “There are ways to help get your husband off the couch. Try placing a trail of Frisky treats from the couch to outside the front door. Once you have him locked outside, remove the couch and any other fluffy areas to lie down on from the house. Admittedly these are strong actions, but they just may help save a marriage."



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