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Monday, April 16, 2007

The 10 Most Powerful Cats In Hollywood

Welcome to our first annual list of the 10 most power cats in Hollywood. I, your humble reporter have scoured the Hollywood scene to bring you only the top 10 most powerful cats.

#10 - Big pussy - Big Pussy may be dead, but with the final season of the Sopranos now showing, his popularity has shown a big resurgence. He still remains the biggest pussy in our list .

#9 - Socks the First Cat - Even though he is retired from the oval office, Socks still remains the most politically connected cat and the highest ranked in the free world.

#8 - Puss'N'Boots - One of the best new comers in our top 10 without a doubt would have to be Puss N Boots. With his small role in Shrek II, he stole the show. Keep an eye on this new animated actor and look for big things from him in Shrek III.

#7 - Hello Kitty - Hello Kitty still rules the marketplace with an iron paw. She remains one of the most recognizable felines in retail and young women can't seem to get enough of her latest designs. Look out Martha comes Hello Kitty.

#6 - The Pink Panther - Steve Martin's recent version of the live action Pink Panther helped keep this old cat in the spotlight. His endorsement deal with Corning insulation also keeps the money rolling in.

#5 - Mr. Bigglesworth - This hairless power cat shares his Hollywood throne with Dr. Evil. He enjoys an almost cult-like following among his many fans. He remains one of the most loved characters in the Austin Powers series.

#4 - Garfield - Garfield's career seems to be on the upswing after his second movie release. He remains popular with the kids with his dry wit even though his mouth never moves when he talks.

#3 - TomKat – Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes - These two united as one have taken a nose dive recently due to both of their bizarre behaviors. Don't look for these two on next year's list if events continue the way they have for them.

#2 - The Pussycat Dolls - These new hot singers have taken the pop dance charts by storm. I'd like to sniff their posteriors if you know what I mean. Now that's some hot pussy!

#1 - MGM Cat - The reigning king Hollywood still remains the MGM Lion. In a show of pure ego, the MGM cat growls before each of his motion picture studio's films. Congrats on being the top cat this year.


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