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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

French Ambassador Unimpressed With America

WASHINGTON, DC: French ambassador to the United States Jean-David Levitte looked unimpressed with the White House reception he received when meeting with President Bush.

“Pshaw…it was a ca’-ta-stro-phe if you ask me” said Levitte. “No a-French wine, no scan-ti-ly clad mod’els and no gourmet food. And what is dis bar-be-que da man with the belt buckle the size of the Eiffel Tower serves me?”

“I am missing the certain jenasaqua of when your president Clin’toon was around. He was a man de French could understand with his many mistresses” Levitte added.

“I am however looking for’weird to meeting daughters of the Bush man. I have heard they are up to our French whore stan’dards.”


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