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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Marvin Under False Impression The Toupee is ‘Workin’

COLUMBIA, MD: Marvin Licksalot surprised his coworkers Monday with his new toupee. One coworker who wished not to be identified stated that “He had been bald the entire time I’ve known him and then he just walks in on Monday with that squirrel on his head pretending nothing was different.”

“It was disturbing” noted business partner Felix Cuddle. “I’ve known Marvin since law school and once he lost his hair I just figured he accepted it like the rest of us. Then, out of the blue he comes in with that ‘hairclub for cats’ bush on his head and he tries to go over a case with me, but all I can do is stare at his head.”

Marvin’s wife of 10 years commented that “I love him with or without the hair. I was shocked however when I saw that the color didn’t match though. After all, a wife always knows if the curtain matches the carpet or not.”


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